TCF Norway

TCF Norway is the Norwegian chapter of The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a professionally managed, non-profit organization leading in the field of education for the less privileged children of Pakistan. TCF Norway funds the construction and operation of primary and secondary schools for underprivileged children in Pakistan.

  • Vision

    Positive Change

    To remove barriers of class and privilege to make the citizens of Pakistan agents of positive change.

  • Mission

    Education / Future

    Through the power of quality education enabling moral, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

  • Values

    Continuous Improvement

Our Model

  • Catering to the most needy

  • Embedding schools in the heart of urban slums & rural communities

  • Purpose-built schools

  • All female faculty & a 50% student gender ratio

  • Ensuring a high quality of education

  • Holistic student development & alumni support

  • Uplifting the entire community

  • Professional Management

TCF Norway School - Viking Campus

In April 2019 we opened the gates for the first TCF Norway funded school in Pakistan, just outside of Lahore. We decided to name it the Viking Campus.

TCF School’s TCF School’s TCF School’s

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TCF Education Programmes

Our education programme is designed to deliver
superior learning outcomes

  • Customized textbooks

  • In-depth teacher training

  • Quality assurance

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