TCF Norway is proud to present its biggest fundraising event to date. On the 27th-29th of October we are hosting a cultural weekend at Felix conference center. 27th October: Art exhibition “Beauty of Pakistan” with exclusive paintings by Tore Hogstvedt. Sign up: Link 28th October: Fundraising dinner “Education for All” organized […]

On November 22nd 2015, TCF Norway held its 1st Gala event in Oslo. It was an inspiring evening dedicated to collecting funds for the first TCF Norway school in Pakistan and increasing awareness around the topic of education in Pakistan. The Gala was hosted at a cosy hall in Schafteløkken […]

This summer I’m getting married to the most wonderful girl in the world. To me and her this is a very happy time and we are very lucky to be able to celebrate our marriage with all our friends and family. Growing up in a small town in Norway I […]

I Norge har vi alle vært vitne til Malalas sterke engasjement i kampen om rett til utdanning. I november avholdes det første arrangementet til The Citizen Foundation Norway, et arrangement med mål om å samle inn penger til inntekt for bygging av en norsk skole i Pakistan. “Dette er en […]

I grew up in Rawalpindi, Pakistan a sprawling city, right next to the capital, Islamabad. When it was time for my sister and I to start going to school, my parents faced a predicament. A good quality education in Pakistan comes at a hefty price- a price my parents could […]